Pet Grooming in Mooresville, NC

Welcome to Plaza Animal Hospital, your friendly neighborhood pet grooming hotspot in Mooresville, NC! With a group of animal lovers at the helm, we pour our hearts into making sure your beloved pet looks primped and pampered. We’ve carefully selected an array of high-end grooming tools and gentle products that cater specifically to pets with skin sensitivities – because even our furry friends deserve some TLC.

Our Pet Grooming Services

Caring for your pet goes beyond regular feeding and affection, it extends to maintaining a healthy coat condition. At our grooming salon, we provide professional pet grooming services designed to keep your fluffy friend looking great and feeling confident. Our range of grooming tools are specifically selected to cater to different types of pets with skin sensitivities or specific needs.

We offer nail trimming as part of our service package, ensuring that your pet’s nails remain the right length for comfortable movement. Teeth brushing is also included in our exceptional grooming experience.

These add-ons help promote overall wellbeing in pets while keeping them clean and fresh-smelling! Plus, all products used at our salon are carefully chosen; only top quality, pet-friendly grooming products make it through our doors. We strive to ensure every visit is a positive experience for both satisfied owners and their beloved companions.

Meet the Groomer

🐶 🐱 Natalia is passionate, caring, loving and hardworking.

She strives to make her fur friends feel loved as if they were her very own! She has 13+ years grooming experience and training in this industry and has a vet tech background as well. In her practice, she learned that it is very difficult to feel comfortable leaving your fur-child with a stranger. Natalia was determined to change that.

She has created a safe environment so dog owners can feel confident leaving their animals in trusted hands. As a fur-mom herself, she knew that she needed to be the person all animals and clients could trust when getting groomed.

After working with multiple rescues and abused dogs, Natalia saw how these animals found it hard to trust, and how quickly groomers would turn them away because of their behavior issues.

She knew that if she didn’t vow to provide these animals with the best care and groom, then no other salon would. Her love and connection for animals is stronger than most and her passion for opening her grooming services to us is to share that connection with all of her clients!

Why Choose Plaza Animal Hospital for Pet Grooming in Mooresville, NC

We make pet grooming a positive experience for both you and your fluffy friend. Our team of grooming professionals are trained in handling all types of pets, with services that extend beyond the mere aesthetics. We understand the importance of regular grooming to keep your pet’s coat condition healthy while using only pet-friendly products that will not irritate even those pets with skin sensitivities.

Our service ranges from teeth brushing to nail trimming, catering for all your pet care needs under one roof. The use of a wide range of grooming tools ensures an exceptional grooming experience every time. We pride ourselves on having satisfied owners who trust us completely when it comes to providing quality professional grooming services in Mooresville, North Carolina. So take advantage of our excellent bathing services today and let us help keep your beloved fur babies looking their best!